Every clown is a member of a club! Clowns will visit other clubs from time to time as well. See below for more info!

Arts Club is for clowns who like drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and other artsy pursuits!

Members: Ashlyn, Bebe, Celeste, Lemonade, Pablo, Sylvia

Visitors: Duchess, Eyes, Giggles, Jack O'Lantern, Noc, Plum, Spectrum, Ysabelle


Baking Club is for clowns who like to make tasty treats!

Members: Nectar, Peach, Wobbles

Visitors: Candystripe, Dolly, Herbie, Pablo, Tutti, Watercress


Clown Frowns is a support group for clowns with mental health concerns. These clowns always have each others' backs!

Members: Darling, Eyes, Ghost, Jack O'Lantern, Joanne, Spectrum, Theodore

Visitors: Claire, Peach, Loremaster


Gardening Club is for clowns who like to take care of lovely plants!

Members: Claire, Herbie, Leek, Lilac, Mint, Sweetie

Visitors: Berry, Celeste, Cheerie, Joanne, Melvin, Poppy, Watercress


Knock Knock Club is for clowns who just want to practice clowning! They tell jokes, do skits, and have fun!

Members: Beans, Melvin, Perdita, Poppy, Sunny, Tutti, Watercress

Visitors: Bebe, Ham, Magus, Remy, Spyder, Starlet, Wobbles


Nursery is for young clowns to play together!

Members: Candystripe (helper), Cheerie (helper), Giggles, Plum, Quasar, Starlet, Ysabelle

Backup Helpers: Ashlyn, Leek, Lemonade, Sunny, Stella


Parenting Club is for clowns who take care of younger clowns, and those who are thinking about adopting someday!

Members: Dolly, Duchess, Kopan, Noc, Remy, Spyder

Visitors: Beans, Nectar, Perdita, Sylvia, Theodore


Study Hall is for clowns who love to learn! They read books together and do fun science projects!

Members: Berry, Ham, Loremaster, Magus, Stella

Visitors: Darling, Ghost, Kopan, Lilac, Mint, Quasar, Sweetie